Wednesday, June 6, 2007

I dare you!

I finished these dare cards for my friend Robyn's bachelorette party. I downloaded the tag from Creating Keepsakes back in January (I think) and I changed the wording.

Revenge is sweet and I get to seek revenge on what she (and other friends and family) dared me to do during my bachelorrete party. I was quite embarrased and Ms. Robyn seemed to enjoy it quite a lot. : Here are some of he things I was dared to do.

  1. Have a random guy kiss my hand- I can do that

  2. Sing "Besame Mucho" at the winery, loudly-uh!

  3. Have a guy give me a massage with Astroglide pleasure massage oil - my sister wrote that one.

  4. Give Astroglide to any guy as a gift-the reason there is a lot of Astroglide talk is because my friend Tanya is a manager for Biofilm (the company that makes Astroglide) so we had a ton that weekend and a life long supply. yipee!

  5. Practive the waltz with some guy for one minute - ended doing this with the limo driver

  6. Propose to the bartender on my knees-proposed to some guy at the bar who had a girlfriend. she was nice about it.

  7. Tell the server "he has the most beautiful eyes"- server gave us some free wine. awesome!

  8. Exclaim loudly " Wow! That really....can't write what the card says...
ok, they weren't so bad after all.

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