Thursday, July 5, 2007

happy 4th!

Did you have a great day? We sure did. We started by attending a local parade. Mark was set on going to a parade and we decided on the Town of Steilacomm parade. Lovely small town with a Martha's Vineyard feel. It truly felt like we were somewhere on the east coast. Very cool. Anyway, the weather was great. We had a great view of the parade with the puget sound and the olympic mountains in the background. After the parade we walked thru the street fair. Here are some pics.

Heading to the parade
This dog was next to me watching the parade
Sometimes it felt like a candy parade.
Cute kid with his Pug
walking the street fair. Mark needed protection. :)
Views of the town

I want to live here!
After the parade & street fair we got some fireworks and headed home to cook beer brats, potato salad and Mark's apple pie for the block party.
Here are some pics of our fireworks display. There was some heavy competition from another block. Show offs!

This is me shooting a roman candle.
our neighbor BJ
Mark and Peter shooting roman candles
Mark writing my name with a sparkler. can you see it? I can see the letters GLY!

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