Saturday, July 7, 2007

Make the pledge now!

Make a commitment for change for our changing climate. This isn't political, this is about common sense! It's simply hotter and colder than ever, some say this is a cycle, well we won't be alive for when the nicer weather cycle comes around so lets commit to some simple changes now.

Mark and I committed to:

  1. Using public transportation. Mark already takes the train and bus to go to work and I will start doing the same as soon as I start work.
  2. We will change at least 4 of our light bulbs to CFL's. We already changed some but will change more.
  3. We forwarded the message to a ton of friends.
  4. We will shut off our equipment and lights whenever we are not using them. This we need to work on, we tend to leave printers, computers, tv and lights on.

see this is way simple. Go here now and make your pledge!

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