Friday, June 13, 2008

What is that?

Oh, I forgot about the sun. I think it's the first time I have seen the sun in all Junuary. That's what Mark and I are calling June; Junuary. Because it's been cold, wet and crappy here in Washington, feels like winter. The sun decided to pop out yesterday afternoon and on my way to my car one of my coworkers asked me "Hey Glynis, what's that?" referring to the sun. This morning the sun was out again and I took this picture on our way to work cause you never know when you will see this rare occurance again. Yes, I am a little upset about this weather and if I hear someone else say "...but the summers are beautiful..." I am going to lose it!

anyhow, I haven't posted much this year. I have meant to, but somehow wanting does not equal doing and January turned into Junuary. Based on this analogy I am still in January therefore I am not doing bad at all.

So far this year I have: traveled to the UK for 3 weeks, joined LA Fitness, got a personal trainer, lost 10 pounds (so far), started gardening, got a tempurpedic bed, finished a few mini books, started looking for a new is busy and good.

now I need to get a sweater because it is cold, Junuary cold in here.

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