Wednesday, July 21, 2010


"I get up every single day and I do my very best with what I am and what I have"

I almost cried when I got to 17:50
I want to remind myself of this, every single day!
I can relate to everything she said

like this:
"you have trouble seeing life as a journey
and you are more likely to see it as a series of final exams
that happen every single day that count for your entire grade
that's how I see life"

and this:
"we all long to have there be somebody who has solved life
as if live is some Sudoku puzzle
and there are people who get clues to it and they solve it
and then they spend the rest of their life glidding thru life
we dream of that....but every single person is familiar with failure and disappointment"

and this:
"our lives are journeys that nobody can take for us"

and this:
"Should I have gone to Art school?"
"Should I learn French?"

I am taking Claudine Hellmuth's "@home with Claudine" class.  I made the canvas on Week 1.

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