Saturday, March 31, 2007


this picture isn't inspiring anyone-I know!

Lately I have been very inspired and therefore doing a ton of scrapbooking. I have also been working on my art journal and home decor. I recently discovered art journaling, so I am going to give it a try. When I am in a creative mood it's usually because I am surrounded by things that inspire me, like"

  1. an organized scrapbook area-although it's a royal mess right now
  2. reading Ali Edwards blog-I LOVE her work
  3. reading my old Creating Keepsakes magazines-I don't remember ever reading some
  4. reading old Somerset Studio magazines that I borrowed from my neighbor Amy
  5. my neighbor Amy and her daughter Emma who are so creative

I know organization is key to my ability to focus and enjoy the creative process. Knowing what I need to do, being able to see what I have at all times helps me be inspired and use the products that I have. Two nights ago I spent about an hour looking for some stickers I knew I had but couldn't find. I found them last night. In the process I found old bill statements, old to-do lists, white cardstock and vellum that I always need and kept buying because I didn't realize I had some, and white alphabet stickers which I could have used a week ago among other things. I did some cleanup last night but still have tons to do.

In the spirit of getting organized, here is my latest to-do list for the next couple of weeks:
{updated 7/5/07}
1. Clean and organize scrapbook room {done}
2. Apply for WA license plate
3. Apply for WA drivers license {done}
4. Finish updating my resume {done}
5. Take boxes to Goodwill {done}
6. On April 2nd: Call Mom and Dad (35th wedding anniversary) & Tanya (birthday) {done}
7. Backup computer files {done}
8. Take computer to Best Buy for repair {done}
9. Finish wedding Thank You notes
10. Mail "New address" notes {done}
11. Finish shadow board {done}
12. Finish 2007 Jan-March pages
13. Work on Italy scrapbook
14. Select wedding pictures for wedding album
Gotta go work on finishing these lists.

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