Saturday, March 31, 2007

Spring is here!!

Being aware of my surroundings is a great source of inspiration for me. Having the camera with me at all times is great because I get to capture life all the time. Here are some pictures I took these past couple of weeks that I love and will inspire my Spring spread!

On my way to Costco I noticed these Cherry Blossoms, they looked so beautiful and I was reminded of Spring. It is finally here. The weather here in WA hasn't been all that great lately, lots of rain and dark skies. I am sure with time I will get used to it but it is quite a change for me being used to the Phoenix and San Diego sunny weather. It was nice to see that Spring is finally here and I can expect more sunshine. Plus when my friends make fun of me for moving to the wet Pacific Northwest, I can show them these pics and say " What are you talking about, it's beautiful up here".

I also love these pictures of my neighbor Emma in the middle of her creating process and her art work. She is so talented and creative. This past weekend Mark and I got home and we noticed Emma had drawn on the pavement. It instantly made me smile. Love seeing art in all it's forms and how the creating process works for everyone. Very inspiring.

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