Monday, June 25, 2007

Guest Book

I finished the wedding guest book for my friends Robyn & Todd. They love the beach and they love music so their guest book is a combo of both; a beach sandal with pages in the shape of a sandal with music lyric excerpts in between the pages.

I really like how it turned out. I don't like the "typical" wedding guest books. I find them to be a waste (sorry if I offend anyone, not my intention). But seriously you end up with a ton of blank pages and you hide it in a closet and you go over it on your anniversary? I like guest books that are different and can be used for decor. For my guest book I used a scrapbooking album with black pages. I put our engagement pictures all over it and people got to sign it. So now it's an album/guest book that we get to enjoy all the time. So I am hoping Robyn and Todd get to hang it somewhere in their home and they get to enjoy it all the time as well.

PS. My friend Robyn started Strike The Match earlier this year. It's a San Diego based service organization made up of our friends. They are doing tons of volunteer and fundraising work for charity. Very cool!

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