Thursday, July 19, 2007

1:00 AM

Waited in line at the local Borders for 5 hours until I got the seventh and final Harry Potter book.

8:00PM. I made it!

8:15 PM. Funny girl in front of me that loves Ron.

8:20 PM. She loooooooves Harry

8:26 PM. The line behind me, already out the door.

9:06 PM. Nice scrapbooking fan lady next to me, saves my spot and I go for a walk. I wonder how many people are in front of me?

9:07 PM. Oh crap, there are a lot of people here.

9:10 PM. Ok, at least I am not outside.

9:14PM. Playing with cardboard Harry.

9:15 PM. The people right in front of me. We are just waiting.

10:17PM. Sam and Amy are here. Sam doesn't want to go home, mom! Go Gryffindor!!

11:14 PM. The view from the floor.

11:14 PM. Nice journals. Love the colors. Lets see if I can get some cool pictures.

12:00 AM. Here we go. Standing in line.

12:36 AM. The very long and blurry road ahead.

1:00 AM. At exactly 1:00 AM, I made it to my car. The line outside was so long. People would wait for at least 3 more hours, but I was heading home. Before I started the car I checked the books last words. They are "All was ..." Ok, I won't spoil it for everyone else.

In the end it was worth it. I have the book.
  • It was exciting
  • It was fun- to see so many other fans that were as excited or more excited than me. Loved seeing the original costumes and the small children dressed like Harry. cute :)
  • It was intriguing-loved talking to random people and discussing our theories of what would happen.
  • It was exhausting-didn't plan ahead at all, didn't have dinner, didn't have water, didn't go to the bathroom and the last hour I had a bad case of allergies and the flu.
I started reading last night and was so desperate to know the end that I cheated. I read the end. I know what happens and now I can continue my reading.


BaGLaDYaRt - aMy MaiSeL said...

Glynis---awesome post. I am so happy to have you to capture everything in such a creative way! I was there too, and my camera stayed in my purse:-(

Thank you for being you!

Jessica said...

you are a crazed fan gone wild! I can totally understand but unfortunatly i stopped the series at "order of the phoenix" not sure why though. email me a synopsis of what happens!

Tanya said...

Nena, I absolutely love your page...and your art! Your left and right brains may be struggling, but the outcome is beautiful! You're so darn creative. keep it up, babe!

P.S. can't wait to see you next week ;-) mua mua!

Funky Finds said...

oh how fun!