Saturday, July 21, 2007

want a new toy

I want a new digital camera, a big one. I have a Sony Cybershot 7.2 mp which I love. It takes great pictures, it's small, not heavy, has a big screen and takes AA batteries, so if I forget to recharge the batteries (which happens all the time) it is ok. I also have a Canon EOS Rebel 2000 (35mm) which I love but haven't used in over 3 years. The reason for that is, that I went to a baptism party in Mexico a few years back and was taking tons of pics with my big camera and a little girl came to me and said "let me see, let me see the picture". I then realized how uncool I must have looked to this little girl cause I didn't have a digital camera. So I quickly went to Best Buy and bought a digital camera which broke 3 months later and ended up with the one I have now. ok, I am embarrased about the whole little girl incident, but it is the truth.

What I love about the Canon is being able to use different lenses and playing with the settings. I have lenses for my Sony but it isn't the same, you can't capture as much. So, I have been doing research for some time and have e-mailed some of my favorite scrapbookers and have gotten great feedback...

Ali Edwards-She uses a Canon Digital Rebel XT and when she needs a smaller camera she uses a Canon Powershot SD500

I got the info from her zine's, which I love reading because she goes over a ton of cool stuff. Here are some that go over her photo-taking techniques.

e-mail from Elsie Flannigan
"I use my 20d and photoshop on all my pictures. I do different things with every picture as it just depends what I am going for. But I am basically self taught and not too computer savvy so it has been a long journey and I still cant get things quite right sometimes. But that’s ok:)Best of luck with your photo adventures:)Love, Elsie"

e-mail from CD Muckowsky

"I have 2 cameras. I have a canon 20D and I LOVE it tons, still a lot for me to learn but it is really an awesome camera. I also have a canon G7 because it is a smaller point and shoot style but it has enough manual settings that I can get some pretty cool results without hauling the big one along, also Love it. One thing that was really good for me was going down to our local camera store ( Don's photo) and they let me play with the different options that I was interested in. it was good to get a feel for them before buying. Also if you bring along your own memory card then you can go home and look through the shots and compare before you make such a big purchase. I hope this helps, good luck to you, and have a great week!"
I have heard Nikon's are good do. must check them out!

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