Friday, September 7, 2007

my new toy

Went to Safeway this afternonn to shop for milk, Mark's half and half and some pasta (cause I was craving pasta for dinner). At the checkout counter the man before me was talking to the cashier and seemed really upset. I asked the cashier if everything was ok and she said the man was upset because he didn't win an iPod Shuffle. "What?" I asked confused not knowing what she was talking about. She then tells me the Safeway is celebrating their anniversary and giving away iPod shuffles randomly to customers at the checkout counter. and guess what.... I won!! HA! so cool. The cashier picked up the microphone and announced my win to the entire place. So exciting. I have been so blessed this year. me happy!!

P.S. My iPod died some time ago, all I have left is a sad iPod.

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