Sunday, September 16, 2007

our first year

One year down-many more to go. Can't believe a whole year has gone by. Where the heck did time go. Seriously, I am still working on my post-wedding to do list. It's been a very busy year with lots of change but it's been a great year for us.

Since the traditional first year anniversary gift is paper and I am a paperholic I made this paper collage on canvas, inspired by the very talented Claudine Hellmuth. I tried to incorporate our new home and life in Washington. I think it turned out pretty good. I also got Mark this Civil War documentary. The man is a history freak, and I love it! Mark got me this beautiful watch. He said clocks are the modern first year anniversary gift, he did his homework and I am very happy.

We celebrated last night with tickets to the opening night of the Seattle Symphony. World renowned cellist Yo-Yo Ma was playing. He was amazing, so awesome (here is a review). We had great seats too-first row/founders tier box. I wish I could be a part of a symphony like that. so cool to do your part and create beautiful sounds. anyhow, in my next lifetime maybe. After the concert we had dinner at Campagne, a french restaurant in Pike Place Market I had been wanting to go to forever and we finally made it. The food and service was fantastic. To our surprise my sneaky parents called in and paid for everything. Sneaky parents are so cool!


VERONICA said...

Hey Girl,
Happy Anniversary! You two look great. How did your poem writing go? Here's to a great 2nd year.

VERONICA said...

About Claudine Hellmuth. I knew she sounded familiar. I have two of her collage pics in my den of London and New York. I am looking for the other sets in the series Paris and Rome.