Friday, October 12, 2007

inspired... Ali's new book.

I finished these layouts of my parents vist this past June. What would have been 10 layouts (at least) ended up being only 3. I am working on capturing the stories instead of using every single picture I take and turning the journaling into a history class. I want to capture the stories. I am also experimenting with tools and techniques that I like and work for me instead of trying to create something new every single time. Ali likes using a square punch on her layouts- it allows using lots of pictures. I had only tried that once before and it was hard, I don't like cutting my pictures. I don't know why but I feel as if cutting takes away from the story. But it isn't true, sometimes half of the picture is the sky or a sidewalk-who wants to see that. So using a punch was hard but very liberating. I am also experimenting with my handwritting and not worrying about it not looking perfect. small steps...

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