Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Life happens

Mark and I have a house in Spring Valley, California (the purple dot marks the spot)
As of Monday night the Harris fire was less than 10 miles away from our home. Early Tuesday morning some parts of Spring Valley were being evacuated. Fortunately for us, the fire was held at the edge of Spring Valley and Chula Vista. We are definitely lucky and more grateful than ever for our blessings.

Our tenants, Cathryn and Jon contacted us Monday night saying they were OK; their car was packed and they were ready to evacuate as soon as it became mandatory. They were watching the news on TV, searching the Internet and listening to the radio for updates. One of the radio callers was from the neighborhood, just up the hill; they could see the flames coming down the mountain from their home. The street in front of the house was full of cars leaving the neighborhood. They couldn't sleep, they just waited for updates and looked out the bedroom sliding doors at the orange and red flickering sky.

One of Mark's best friends wasn't as fortunate. His house in Ramona was burnt to the ground. He moved to Seattle less than a month ago and only brought with him a small trailer which we are storing in our garage. He left for training in Virgina last week and isn't scheduled to come back until January. He got a call from his brother saying that his house is gone and his cat is nowhere to be found. Now, all he has left is in our garage. So sad!

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